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Project developer, Eastwood Snowmass Investors, envisions a revitalized local community commercial hub where residents and visitors connect, work, dine, live, and access essential services. The Snowmass Center redevelopment goals are focused on creating a place that reflects community values, opens new opportunities for local small businesses to thrive, and improves the connectivity of bus transit and pedestrian access.


Residential housing and commercial site plans for the Snowmass Center include:


  • 58,433 net sq. feet of leasable commercial space (40% increase in leasable commercial space compared to today)
  • Improvement in service and delivery spaces – (3) loading bays providing direct access to tenant spaces
  • Underground service corridor


  • 64 free-market, multi-family, residential units
  • 11,346 sq. feet of restricted-residential, multi-family (10 units), representing 31% more restricted housing than is required.


  • Commercial parking that meets 100% of the code requirement
  • Ground-floor retail parking: 64 surface-level parking spaces
  • New underground structure
  • Residential parking that averages two spaces per unit
  • Transit and Connectivity
  • Van and Shuttle drop-off independent of vehicle traffic
  • New transit center
  • Sidewalk and trail connections
  • ½ Acre public park

Our community-focused plan combines the best of mountain living with revitalization strategies designed to:

  • Support the Town’s best interests as stated in the comprehensive plan
  • Rejuvenate community-service facilities in the Snowmass Village core
  • Enhance local services to better meet the needs of residents and visitors
  • Strengthen the fabric of our community with a Main Street neighborhood feel
  • Provide new opportunities for community-friendly commercial ventures
  • Offer a range of housing options for a variety of residents
  • Improve public spaces and integrate transit systems
  • Focus on community-based business
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A more socially cohesive community, with communal spaces to draw people together, including:

  • A vibrant, beautiful Main Street
  • A place to meet neighbors for coffee, shopping, or a walk
  • Open spaces for gathering to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors
  • A new 1/2-acre community park
  • Economic development opportunities for an expansion of services
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Better connectivity and mobility, resulting from:

  • A redesigned transit center for safe bus routing connected to the Main Street
  • Easy access to transit that connects to other village areas and outdoor spaces
  • Preservation of dedicated open spaces
  • New community infrastructure to expand pedestrian access
  • Trail network improving recreation connectivity
  • Addition of sidewalks throughout

A dynamic plan for construction phasing that aims to:

  • Retain community services with minimal disruption (Including postal service and grocery store access)

Housing options appropriate for Snowmass, including:

  • A diverse range of configurations for singles, families, and retirees.

Improved storm water runoff management for better environmental stewardship and resiliency, including:

  • A new water treatment and drainage system to improve the Brush Creek watershed
  • A multi-tiered water-quality delivery system to enhance the environmental health of Brush Creek